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I am David John StClair, NLP Trainer, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Founder of Achievers Online University, Author and Producer. My purpose is to assist and guide you towards success, happiness, personal excellence and abundance as you manifest your visions, dreams and goals way smoother than you might have thought even minutes ago.

Have fun browsing through the sections and choose what will be the precise benefit you will decide to harvest first with me.

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Check the section “Achievers Online University” to get to know our team and the actual courses. My blog will equip you with inspiring articles and uplifting informations as the shop provides an overview about my books and cd´s to boost your every day life with affirmations, meditations and other state of the art tools for your personal excellence.

The coaching area invites you to feel relaxation and ease that you have many options to trust your intuition in choosing me as your coach or therapist gaining back balance, peace of mind and new powerful perspectives as confusion transforms into a magnetic future you happily move towards to.


Dr. hc. David John StClair born February 6th 1961.

Certified as NLP Trainer by Dr. Richard Bandler, certification and profound training in Ericksonian Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Persuasion Engeneering and DHE, Healing with metaphors ans inspirational stories.

Wide experience in coaching (one on one, groups and business leadership management). Own therapy and seminar center training psychologists and other people of many different professions in communication, creative problem solving, life design and goal achievement. For 101 coaching, skype sessions, email coaching or custom made hypnosis cd´s or personalized healing scripts to let you speed up your  individual mastery or solve personal issues privately contact me here:

email: davidjohn@stclair-change-works.com   skype: mindsetmaster

Devoted to let you create your desired life - One day a time!

Life is a mystery to be lived and never a problem to be solved


The Author

I have written 3 books and many articles to inspire you as you sing your unique and magnificent song of life. I would be honored to add some additional magical tunes to your journey abundantly. Browse the author section to get to know this area better.

The Producer

Having created many CD´s and mp3´s to inspire you, enable you to unleash the power of affirmations and meditation feel free to start with what triggers your immediate curiosity and pleasure here. The shop gives you a lot of opportunites to enjoy my work at your most favorite places and devices.


The Life Coach

Whether you are looking for general enhancement in a special area of your life like relationships, creating financial abundance, being successful in your business or looking for therapy to get rid of phobias, solve a specific problem or achieve a desired goal you experience more information un the related section.


The Teacher and Lecturer

As Founder of Achievers Online University I offer many courses you can study from your home to enrich your personality and create the life and health that you always have been craving for. Browse this section to decide which course to take first

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Email: davidjohn@stclair-change-works.com      skype:  mindsetmaster

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