Achieving Your Dreams Expertly


I was recently reading a Web Page written by Michael A. Wineke and he published an interesting message called “Working Toward Your Dream”. I’d like to share it with you.

We’ve talked a lot, over the past few weeks, of making conscious decisions
to start living your dreams. Now, we need to look at how we bring those dreams to reality.

Each and every one of us can achieve what we set out to accomplish. A
simple formula that I use for myself can be summed up in three letters:
F. D. P.


F. The first step is to Focus on your goal. See yourself, after you
have achieved whatever it is you desire. Every minute detail, from smell, to
sound, to sight, create a picture so clear in your mind that you have trouble
believing that you aren’t already there!

D. An unwavering Determination to reach that goal is next. Decide,
TODAY, that you will accept no less of yourself than this accomplishment, and that you WILL NOT give up until it is complete.

P. Persistence is the most important part. Commit yourself to working
toward your  goal, in some way, every single day. Break down your goal into
manageable chunks, and eventually into small daily chunks. While the small activities may not seem like much, in the end, it is normally the small things which were done (or not done) which create success.


Give yourself the permission to use these 3 easy steps to help you make your dreams come true like an expert or you can also be creative and create your own steps that are most comfortable to you. Either way, most important is that you feel at ease and joy-filled in every single step you take.


David John