Creativity of a Genius

A genius is someone who sees what everyone else sees but thinks what no one else thinks.
By this definition, Michelangelo was a genius. Here’s just
one small piece of evidence…

Michelangelo’s “David” is one of his most famous sculptures.
Its beginnings were most unpromising, however. The huge block
of marble from which he was to fashion “David” had already
been worked on by another sculptor, Simone da Fiesole.

In an attempt to carve the legs of a giant figure, Fiesole
had hacked away at the marble, mutilating it so severely that
his patrons had made him leave the project unfinished.

For many years the damaged block lay abandoned, but
Michelangelo was determined to get a hold of it–and finally
managed to do so in 1501, when he returned to Florence from

Although somewhat hampered by da Fiesole’s carving, he
immediately set to work, surrounded by a screen so no one
could see what he was doing.

In 1504 the finished sculpture was moved to the Piazza della
Signoria and unveiled–to reveal the masterpiece that
Michelangelo had seen locked within an apparently useless
block of stone.

From “Artists’ Wisdom” by Diana Craig published by Running

Being successful doesn’t always begin with a wonderful start. Creativity helps one┬ábring out the best out of the worst situations. Be like Michaelangelo and start creating a masterpiece out of your life!

David John