About my Spirituality

Spirituality is one of the most intimate and private topics for us humans. To cherish my policy to be very transparent with my life allowing you to get to know me as much as you might like to know before you decide to work with me or gain more trust in my courses and products with each line of infomation, I am happy to invite you into my spiritual background and core beliefs.

Enjoy and maybe you also realize that turning your life into a piece of art reflecting your inner divinity as you are a deeply appreciated member of mankinds symphonic song is one of the core purposes why you re here. To learn about Love, to radiate Love and to align with the highest possible frequency of Love you can contain and forward to your beloved ones, inside yourself and letting your inner light shine experiencing that every word you say, every thought you think and every action you initiate makes a bigger difference than you might have imagined before.

Many blessings and shine on!

One important aspect about my spirituality can be experienced by you digesting my article as a luminary featured at inspiremetoday.com.

Sit back, relax and tune in as you might realize at your own rate and speed that your life is a miracle to be lived instead of a problem to be solved.

Life is a miracle to be lived and never a problem to be solved! Consider each day to be a white canvas that you can fill with all your love, gratitude and skills to make the day a special, unique and abundant one.

As you are made in God’s image you are wonderful just the way you are and isn’t it the most amazing fountain of pleasure and happiness that God is closer to you than your skin? God permeates you completely and in my experience there are only a few really important things in life.

Feel excellent for no specific reason and be utterly comfortable in each present moment. This way you become a shining vessel of your own divine sparks, turning into a flame of love that ignites love in others wherever you go.

When we look at mankind as if it were a giant sanctuary to rejoice the “All there Is”, you unfold your divine purpose here on earth to be exactly the stone that makes the sanctuary whole and complete. No is no need to strive for being a corner stone because you are amazing the way you are.

You easily can allow these divine energies to play yourself like an instrument, where it’s not your choice whether to be a piano or a violin, but the choice of GOD because you are a perfectly sounding note in his celestial symphony.

Breathing out resistance and breathing in allowance can become a process of unconscious competence lifting you up day by day. This might smoothly lead to the knowledge that your brain can achieve happiness by performing specific exercises.

Happiness, abundance and the best life on earth- far beyond your wildest imagination- unfold out of BEING instead of DOING something special.

The gates to let God be reborn in your soul are always open. You prepare your inner temple best by performing each action, as if the destiny of the universe depends on how much love you put into each action.

Whether you tie your shoes, do the dishes or eat – no matter what it is, let your purest love flow into your words, thoughts and actions. This way the brain will understand that you can harvest uncountable benefits and moments of pure joy each day, utilizing the minutes, hours and the rest of your long, healthy and happy life, as a never ending celebration.

Celebrate, not because you are never alone and divine guidance is always within you nourishing your existence, but because you transformed into a sun that shines out of itself as unconditional love.

It is easy to feel this transformation begin now as you read this. You also can adopt the attitude that life is a miracle to be lived and never a problem to be solved- and do it with a smile on your face.

God bless!


Enjoy listening to a Shamanic Prayer

by We recorded with an amazing gospel singer


In Business

For me the only satisfying way to live my business is to serve my coaching clients, customer, seminar participants and listeners. I harvest the ultimate pleasure by letting you thrive, living a better life, opening the doors to your always existing inner wisdom, guiding you to be the authentic wonderful you that you are as you improve the various areas of your life.

Abundant life is based on life according cosmic laws. One important law is to talk, think and act out of your inner always existing present moment, which is infused by joy being aware that you are completely responsible for your thoughts words and actions. responsible life means for me to create nurturing effects and valuable causes knowing that your soul has a body instead of your body just having a soul.

Acting out of your inner center of source alignment knowing that everything you emanate affects your eternity is vital. This is why I serve with my highest quality knowledge and skills no matter who I work with and no matter wether its coaching, grouup trainings or everything else. Happy to see you contacting me and I instantly focus in your improvement the moment we start to work together.

About Relationships

Its self-evident for all of us that just a certain number of people is attracted and drawn into our lives and to our message we shine out into the world. When you are or will be among my contacts be aware that my highest value are reliability, honesty, clarity and striving each day more to walk my talk with joy.

In the clearest sense of the word I relate to my contacts and I am happy that I receive back what I send out with appreciation and gratitude.

When it comes to personal relationships with my soulmate, the kids and closest friends remember that I teach and coach how to build and sustain a happy relationships and an abundant family because I always teach out of my experience and never just out of dry unapplied theoretical book knowledge. Knowledge and wisdom is nothing when you don´t put it to work.

Be a truly comitted wife or husband, true friend to your friends, loving parent to your kids and most of all relate to yourself with deep appreciation and gratitude. emanate what you want others to feel and open yopurself up to be a vessel for the highest frequencies of love and light.

To your satisfying and abundant relationships in every area of your life. Those are in close connection how you relate to yourself and how much worthiness and deservingness you are able to feel.

In Nature

For me nature reflects divinity mirroring what is going on at other planes around us. Happy and blessed to live close to the North Se, I am surroundet by seagulls flying over me, fresh air, my dream come true gardn with fruit trees and berry bushes and my always crazy, super cute and inspiring cats.

I clearly advise you to experience the power of nature, may it be meditating close to a tree, praying with the morning wind around you or just gratefully feel how willingly mother earth is supporting you gaining and sustaining the deepest utter basic trust in life you can experience every single day.

The abundant power of nature is all around us ready to be inhaled by you to nurture mind, body and soul.


Daily Life

Yes, it is possible to spend quality time online. I coach at skype, do group trainings or seminars, special virtual VIP retreats over google hangout or zoom.us and spent time daily to create new content, mp3´s radio shows, cd´s to assist you in improving your life. Of course the most important time belongs to the ones I love and owe so much in terms of letting me become what I am evolving into. When it comes to this my eternal love Jethrine is the center of my being <3

I love to cook and cooking can be a spiritual experience too. Peel a potato as if the destiny of the universe would depend on how you peel it and later, when you can be grateful and appreciative that you have food on your plate digest and enjoy with the same attitude of gratitude. I eat with several involved senses, feel, smell, hear, see and taste whats here to nurture me. have you ever asked yourself how your most fav fruits would sound like if they were a song? try it and eat with more than one sense and see that your every day life can always be created as a piece of art, no matter what you do.

Praying is of course an important integrated piece of my every day life. The most vitalprayer I strive for is to BE it with the way I live my life. Most of all and be aware of this I am and always will be an eagerly learning disciple of live and love.

Many are strengthened on their “journey”” with courage and faith when they from time to time can talk to like minded fellow travellers

Foolish is acting the one who thinks acting in separation from the all there is would be possible