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Celebrating my 21st year of being an highly successful NLP trainer and my 28th year of being an executive and life coach, hypnotherapist and producer – I want to give back big time.

Living according the universal laws like the Law of Equivalence makes a life abundant and complete. Here you will find some of my best radio shows, affirmations, meditations and cd´s to enhance your life and add massive free value to your existence. Relax and simply recharge your physical and spiritual batteries.

I lost count of the many people I was honored to shift and transform their lives a long time ago. May you belong to the tribe of wonderful beings dwelling on inner happiness and joy radiating toards and into your beloved ones.

LIFE IS A MIRACLE TO BE LIVED, may you listen, create, expereince and live your own magic unfolding peacefully here.


Enjoy some of my radio shows below

How to love yourself into source alignment

by David John StClair | Blog Talk Radio Shows

How to understand the message of any dis-ease

by David John StClair | Blog Talk Radio Shows

B.L.E.P. Meets Merlin (Behind The Scenes)

by Business Life Elevation Programming | B.L.E.P. Behind The Curtain Vol. One