The Strategy of Preeminence in Medical Marketing

Todays post is a bit different than a quick inspiration or short story. Hereby I am opening my private book of strategies and “behind the curtain” experiences for you to witness and enjoy how I think during the process of success creation of letting my clients excell their expectations and soar their results.

Its hands down an clear overview and step by step explanation how I approach situations, how thinking out of the box happens and what business breakthroughs are about.

You might ask: “What does he mean by “preeminence”?

Lets state preeminence being something where your business strategy, your team members, your client connections and everything you do should orbit around. When you do and apply what all your competitors do, you most likely merely achieve average results, stress yourself and miss the huge success you so dearly deserve.

Lets look at this topic from various angels and layers of personality (you as a business) and your client as the person and business you want to serve.

Striving for preeminence in your market challenges you to adopt a completely new mindset which you might consider a global shift of what you had been doing before.

I) What Is Your Core Story?

Let us define the Core Story of your business and service being the best Strategic Positioning. How do you want to deliver your service and what are the core values and triggers to get this positioning across to your client? Knowledge in business has always been power.

One of the most important aspects in a powerful client relationship is Rapport and Trust. First build the special chemistry that makes you congruently appear The Solution Expert offering the exact results your client is looking for.

Instead of selling start to focus on serving and educating, walking in your client shoes and working out of the perspective of your clients needs. Nobody wants to be sold with rethorical phrases everybody else uses. being to salesy and centering about what you can do interms of “I am able, I can do this ….” make your efforts circle around “YOU will achieve, experience, notice, uncover….new patients, enhanced market positioning as the doctor of choice in your respective field etc.

Other benefits of having a powerful Core Story are.

The Magnetizing Effect causing clients to feel the urgency to be drawn to you as you are THE solution expert for medical marketing demands.

Establishing a consistent massage catapulting your brand awareness into your target market.

Crafting your service being an organic benefit also focussing on your clients happiness and joy. No matter what you offer, in the first place people buy emotions related to the desired end result.

The way how you do Business is a Mirror how you approach Life in general!

Look at your current income and level of happiness. Are both aspects in balanced alignment the way you desire? Do those reflect your core values in life and do they unfold according your dreams and visions?

Depending on your connection to your spirituality, your source or however you call it shapes your sense of identity on this planet, shapes your Self Image.

Sounds self evident that the level of vibrant alertness and feeling alive in terms of your spirituality essentially influences how you radiate towards your clients and how you present your business “vibrationally” to them.

A client and maybe even more in the medical field yields more “data” about you easily with the experience to “diagnose” people. The moment you realize that preeminence is nurtured by you also working on your self improvement, you are on the right track and everything will fall into place.

Aquire the appropriate Power Beliefs that solidify Preeminence.

I worked with many sales people who were even afraid of rejection thus creating a stuck state when it came to pick up the phone. There is no such thing like rejection.There is only feedback about the way you communicate and depending on the feedback you receive, you can always adjust, test and improve. Any time you feel like not having achieved a certain goal, make it a magnetic seduction to improve, try new things and be different.

What mindset do you have and what would you need to picture yourself preeminent 3, 6, 12,36 months from now?

Self Image and Beliefs influence abilities, behavior and reflect on your environment. Stop settling for less and consider yourself to be capable, deserving and THINK BIG as you GO FOR IT.

Walking In The Clients Shoes

Being an NLP Trainer, we call this step into different Perceptual Positions. How do all your business activities look like, sound, appear out of the clients perception. For example, how are your voice tone, voice tempo, breathing, body posture and your gestures? How would you feel if you look at yourself out of your clients eyes? Would you feel outrageously served instead of sold?

You learn to even become your own mentor by learning the perceptual position “I out of the Future me” guiding with all the insight you learned from the “Preeminence achieved” position and much more.

Your Startegy Based On A Keen Commitment To Empathy

How does a doctor feel who needs your medical marketing service? What needs beyond providing more patients and enhance the clients brand awareness can you serve and nurture?

Truly preeminent companies always sell leadership, a certain belief system, authoritative positioning and utter conviction in their point of view. This is as of you consistently communicate to your client “I want to give you what you need, want and deserve!”

Your job is to provide Clarity, Focus and Certainty!

Personal congruency and authenticity are golden keys. Always communicate authentic. Your message doesn´t have any value unless it creates impact.Information alone isn´t motivational in itself. Communicate in a way that what you say makes the client act and apply easily.

People Buy For Emotional Beliefs

In reality you don´t sell a service, you sell the emotions the client will have when his desires and needs are achieved. Clients have to recognize your advice as a solution to their rational and/or emotional problem. Logic doesn´t make a sale, you have to compell your clients on an emotional level. Thats what I call magnetic propulsion system. How does it feel right now when everything you think, do and say automatically feeds your preeminence and core story?

Sell The End Result Instead Of The Steps To Get There

Most of my clients are less interested in the process to from where they are to where they want to be. What is truly important is “Whats in it for me, when I hire you? What will I have gained and what is my revenue. Multiplying income, being THE expert in the field, being flooded with patients, looking at the financial balance having soared month by month – all this counts heaps more than mere explaining how you will achieve this for your client

There Is No Better Time Than To Start Now

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Here´s To Your Preeminence

Dr. h.c.David John StClair

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